Desarrollo web constructora EUVendrell

Web Design and Web Development of the construction EU Vendrell company's website .

I redesigned the website and programmed it. Through the site, web administrators can perform various functions, among which I highlight:

  • Attach images of existing projects to the main carousel of the home page as well as to the block intended to display the most relevant projects. The images displayed in these two sections link directly to their corresponding pages.
  • Publish, edit and create Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Publish, edit and create articles related to their activity.
  • Publish, edit, and create quotes from satisfied clients.

The web has two forms.

  1. A contact form that is propagated through a drop-down on most of the website's sections.
  2. A form specially created on the Frequently Asked Questions page so that users may ask their questions if they cannot find an answer to the questions in the list. The construction company can expand its list of frequently asked questions and offer a closest service to the users of their website.

The Contact page has a map specially created for this site and designed with Mapbox.

In this project I have only developed the prototypes in their desktop version and then I have proceeded to program it.

The website is bilingual and users can choose whether they want to see the website in Catalan or in Spanish.

You can visit it at the following link: