Desarrollo Web Crazyforlocas

In order to design and develop this website, I have followed Crazyforlocas's recommendations and wishes step by step.

Crazyforlocas is an audiovisual production company from Barcelona. It has successfully accomplished a lot of projects for companies such as Nike or Volvo and has been more than 30 years in the business.

My customer's wishes were an application that was capable of ...

  • Manage and display part of the photographic archive of different locations
  • Show various audiovisual projects in which crazyforlocas has participated as Location Scout or Location Producer
  • Manage its portfolio through categories
  • Add testimonials through a simple form
  • Link the site to social media networks (instagram, twitter)

Another fundamental aspect that should not be overlooked was the search engine optimization. As I usually do in each new project, I did a preliminary study of the most relevant keywords and once identified I applied them to the content. The result was as expected. An effective search engine optimization.

I've designed the site with the company corporate colors (black and yellow) in mind that blend in with other neutrals throughout the web. 

Technical aspects

The site works with Drupal 7 and has been developed based on Bootstrap 3.0

This project has been fully implemented from Sweden. .

"Having Oscar as the architect of my website has been a real pleasure. His dedication, professionalism and level of commitment have been total throughout the process. It has been very easy to work hand in hand with him because communication has always been very fluid and his creative contributions were always welcome. Furthermore, the fact of having done it from a distance, he in Sweden and I in Spain, has not represented any inconvenience. I highly value his experience and professionalism in the field"

Yoya Busquets, Crazyforlocas, Barcelona

Partial view of Crazyforlocas home page

Partial view of Crazyforlocas scounting page