Elementos de Marketing de apoyo

Project developed through the hotel consultancy HBD Consulting, Upselling Solutions, for the Soteras Group. I designed diverse material in order to promote and optimize their products through the Upselling and Cross Selling programs that the consultancy developed for this Group.

I was responsible of the Photo shooting, the Design of Posters and the animations of the Digital Frames. The posters were placed in different strategic places in the hotels. The Digital Frames were displayed at the Front Desk and were projected from tablets.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Effects were required to execute this assignment.

Torre Barona Restaurant

Poster Hotel Belair

Poster Hotel Bel AIr #2

Poster Hotel Playafels

Poster Hotel Don Jaime

Poster Hotel Ciutat Soteras

Graphic Design Executive Pack

Graphic Design Poster Honey Room

Graphic Design Poster Honey Room #2

Graphic Design Express Breakfast Poster

Graphic Design Express Breakfast Poster #2

Preview image for the video "marco DJ".

Digital frame created with After Effects